Call for Interns

MISI's Summer 2020 Virtual Internship

While we were originally planning three programs, like much of the world we have pivoted in response to COVID-19. Instead of the Cyber Leadership Academy, High School and College Internships, MISI will be offering one virtual experience for current rising high school juniors and seniors and students currently enrolled in an undergraduate college program. Participants who meet the required goals of the program will receive a certificate of completion for MISI's Summer 2020 Virtual Internship.

Virtual Internship


We are working hard with our partners to finalize the program which will continue in the MISI tradition of experiential learning about emerging topics and strong career mentorship.

We are working to get participants access to workshops, tech talks, and tech demos that will give insight into cyber tools and techniques used in security operations centers and DevOps across the country. Employers are looking for candidates that have more than book smarts and good test taking skills. Experience with the capabilities currently deployed on their networks will help set you apart from your peers.

We are working with our network of mentors to arrange the virtual equivalent of one of the most popular components of last year's internship: informal, frank, and open conversations about careers over pizza lunch. Getting to talk with those holding your dream job is a chance to ask questions and get advice. It's an opportunity to learn what else is out there and how others have gone about achieving their dreams.

Hands-on experience: MISI's project engineers are building a series of challenging projects that will take a few weeks to solve. Your attempts and solutions will be relevant accomplishments to record on your resume. Expect to craft new stories for future employers about how you learned, built, analyzed, failed fast and recovered, wrote code, designed networks and ultimately identified the threats and mitigated them! Sound satisfying? You bet!

Participants will be expected to be available for virtual events scheduled between the hours of 9am and 4pm Eastern. The internship will start June 15* and continue through July 31. (We understand some schools will be still in session and will try to work around your school responsibilities on a case-by-case basis if you they conflict). We will build a plan, and then, like the cyber world, it will change on short notice. Your alertness will be challenged to grab the opportunities when you have a chance to act.

Collaborate work will be in real-time and often unrecorded to foster innovation. Innovation involves a level of risk taking – and having learning sessions recorded often inhibits risk and full participation. Therefore, some sessions will be held in an off-the-record environment that operates under Chatham House rules.

In order to earn the certificate of completion for MISI's Summer 2020 Virtual Internship, participants will be expected to complete a certain percentage of the events and projects. Details on the requirements will be provided the first week of the internship so participants can keep track of their progress. Space is limited and there are many students across the nation craving such an opportunity. If you are self-motivated and dedicated to solving challenging problems, you are right for this student experience. If in-person motivation is necessary for you to succeed, then we recommend you wait till next summer when we expect to restart in-person programs.

How to Apply

To apply, please email the following information to with the subject "Virtual Internship Application: Summer 2020" by May 31 at noon Eastern:

  • A current academic transcript (this can be an unofficial copy or your report cards)
  • A current resume and cover letter expressing interest
  • Links to any software or creative projects you are actively involved in
  • A letter of recommendation is not required but helpful

We plan to notify those selected in the beginning of June.