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Technologies, and technology-based companies, advance so rapidly that the Department of Defense is finding it difficult to contractually engage, collaborate, and do business with high-tech companies. The traditional procurement process is too slow and based on regulations rather than negotiations. The Government's cost-based pricing system is cumbersome and expensive requiring unique accounting and auditing systems. The Government's standard approach to intellectual property can be overreaching and inflexible. The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) is responding to this by exercising its authority under 10 U.S.C. 2371b, Other Transaction Agreements for Prototypes. DISA will periodically post Requests for White Papers inviting companies leading innovation to submit their solutions to the Agency's capability gaps, problem statements, or areas of interest.

Automated Spectrum Coordination System RFI

Due Date: 6 June 2022

Project Number: DISA-OTA-22-R-ASCSRFI


On 14 January 2022, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) concluded auctioning 4,060 new commercial licenses in the 3450-3550 MHz band previously reserved for DoD's exclusive use in the continental United States. The specific geographic areas auctioned have been classified as either Cooperative Planning Areas (CPAs) or Periodic Use Areas (PUAs).

  • Cooperative Planning Areas (CPA)
    • Non-Federal operations shall coordinate with Federal systems operating in the band
    • Non-Federal operations shall not cause harmful interference to Federal systems
    • Non-Federal stations may be required to modify their operations to protect Federal operations against harmful interference and to avoid, where possible, interference and potential damage to the non-Federal operators' systems
    • Non-Federal operations may not claim interference protection from Federal systems
  • Periodic Use Areas (PUA)
    • Non-Federal operations in the band shall not cause harmful interference to Federal systems operating in the band for episodic periods
    • During episodic use periods in these areas, Federal users will require interference protection from non-Federal operations

To enable expedient commercial access to the auctioned spectrum, DoD CIO, DISA's DSO, and the Military Departments (MILDeps) developed transition plans (TPs), which are currently posted on the NTIA website. According to the DISA TP, DSO will serve as DoD's single focal point for accepting and responding to the licensees' requests to coordinate their spectrum usage. In this role, DSO is responsible for developing an Automated Spectrum Coordination System (ASCS) for avoiding interference to DoD incumbents from licensees in the 3450-3550 MHz band at all CPA and PUA sites (DISA task 3450-3).

Per the terms of the auction (and further expanded in the Joint FCC/NTIA Public Notice DA 21 645), new licensees cannot submit coordination requests (CRs) until 9 months after the close of the auction. Due to this stringent timeline, DSO is deploying an Interim Portal for Initial Coordination (IPIC) along with the America's Mid-Band Initiative Team (AMBIT) Engineering Cell as a stopgap measure to ensure effective communication between all parties during the 9-month post-auction moratorium which will expire in the October 2022 timeframe. The AMBIT Engineering Cell will initially coordinate the processing of CRs with the MILDeps via a DISA SharePoint capability. Together, IPIC, the Engineering Cell and the DISA SharePoint capability form the Interim Portal Coordination System (IPCS). The IPCS receives CRs through IPIC, validates CRs, enables the MILDeps to assess CRs for potential interference, enables the MILDeps to approve/deny sectors, consolidates a DoD answer and returns a DoD response to licensees. Under IPCS, the MILDeps perform analyses using their own tools.

Automated Spectrum Coordination System RFI [PDF]
Notice to the Automated Spectrum Coordination System RFI (DISA-OTA-22-9-ASCSRFI) [PDF]

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