Election Integrity 2020 Conference


Election Integrity 2020 Conference

Date: October 24, 2019 | 10am - 3pm | Location: DreamPort Facility in Columbia MD


The Election Integrity 2020 Conference is coming to DreamPort!

Election Integrity 2020

The DreamPort team has been busy speaking with experts from academia, industry and government to learn what is keeping them up at night.

"Register, then vote." Sounds simple enough but in those simple words and call to action are a myriad of potential cyber threats to states, cities, precincts, churches, libraries and community centers and you the individual citizen.

These threats are all designed to interfere with your right to vote, to keep you from registering, to deny access to voter registration systems, to shut down critical infrastructure to voting tabulation centers and your local polling station and yes to hack you the human.

Stay tuned as we gather the personnel on the front lines of the Election Integrity 2020 to inform, listen and learn. Expected attendees include SMEs from industry, academia and other local, state and federal organizations.

Add your voice to the conversation.

Tentative Agenda

  • Breakfast
  • Town Hall
  • Breakout Panels (AI, IOC, Malign Influence)
  • Lunch
  • Breakout Panels (TBD)

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