DreamPort First Annual Chili Cook Off


DreamPort First Annual Chili Cook Off

Date: October 25, 2019 | 11am - 2pm | Location: DreamPort Facility in Columbia MD


Now is the time to start planning and preparing your 2000-year-old, passed down for generations, TOP SECRET//NFT (No-Fair-Telling) Chili recipe for DreamPort's First Annual Chili Cook-off!

Judged by all, the winning Chef will earn bragging rights throughout the year. Don't feel you have to personally cook the chili; significant other support is encouraged, and they are welcome to attend the event. Special prizes will be awarded for multiple categories outlined below.

Special Guest: We are inviting a surprise special guest to taste and provide the Judge's Choice Chili award.

Naturally, there must be some (minor) rules so that we're not judging just anything brought in:

Ground Rules

  1. All Dishes must contain some form of Chili(s). Soups and stews entered that contain zero chili will be disqualified.
  2. You must declare all meat used in your chili so that those who prefer not to eat beef, pork, possum, or road-kill, do not have to.
  3. You must declare the spicy heat of your chili 1-10 where 1 is timid and 10 is nuclear. (3x5 cards will be provided for your meat and heat declarations.)

Entry Rules

Entrants will be limited to 25 Total. To be eligible to enter, you must:

  1. Work at DreamPort (Staff, contractors, programs, projects)
  2. Work at USCYBERCOM
  3. Work elsewhere and have attended at least one DreamPort Cyber Coffee and Conversation Monday



  • Top Winner Category: Best Overall Chili
  • Special Categories:
    • Spiciest Chili
    • Most Original Chili
    • Best Vegetarian Chili
    • Best Chili With Beans
    • Best Chili Without Beans
    • Strangest Chili
    • Judge's Choice Chili

Game Day

  1. Bring your already cooked Chili entry in a crock-pot (or similar electric pot) to the main DreamPort kitchen. Power will be available to keep hot (or to warm up).
  2. To maintain anonymity, your pot will be assigned a number. Please keep your chili anonymous; Telling anyone which pot is yours is grounds to be disqualified.
  3. The event will begin at 11am.
  4. All visitors and entrants may vote one time.
  5. Paper will be available to make notes while you're tasting.
  6. When you're ready, you will vote using your phone.
  7. Voting will end at 1:30pm.
  8. At 2pm, gather in the Lamarr conference room to win your award!

So don't be shy – come one, come all. Throw your hat into the ring and see if you have what it takes to be the best chili chef at DreamPort!