Attacking ICS with Python


Attacking ICS with Python

Date: October 12, 2022 | 0900 – 1600
Capacity: 20 Students
Location: In-Person at DreamPort Facility in Columbia, MD


This 8-hour workshop will be a crash course in ICS vulnerabilities and exploitation, providing hands-on, practical training in the carrying out of attacks against various common types of ICS equipment found in the field, including an HMI, PLC and automated circuit breaker. Students will learn:

  • Common ICS terminology and system architecture, including inherent flaws and typical mistakes made in system design which should be considered when planning an attack.
  • Modbus and Modbus/TCP architecture and functionality
  • Python modules for interacting with Modbus-based systems, and writing scripts to interrogate and attack these systems
  • Defensive methodologies and considerations in the face of how simple these attacks can be to carry out

Please Note: There is an $800 fee and will be limited to 20 individuals.

Students should come prepared with the following equipment and knowledge:

  • A laptop running either Virtualbox, VMWare Workstation (not Player), Parallels, or VMWare Fusion
  • An available Ethernet port on the laptop
  • Ability to read technical documents written in English
  • Experience writing basic Python scripts which incorporate modules and leverage functions and loops
  • Basic Linux command line experience, including the ability to navigate directories, and launch applications




Registration is now closed.

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