Reverse Engineering Showcase


Reverse Engineering Showcase

Date: July 17, 2019 | 9am - 3pm | Location: DreamPort Facility in Columbia MD
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Workshop Description

USCYBERCOM reverse engineers constantly receive binaries requiring different amounts of analysis. However, the amount of analysis required is made irrelevant by the sheer number of binaries that are received daily. To reduce the overwhelming work load on reverse engineers, the Mr. Majestic project was created. This project combines numerous existing tools to streamline the typical binary analysis steps taken by a reverse engineer. However, the Reverse Engineering Showcase is about the capabilities Mr. Majestic needs that do not exist. USCYBERCOM and DreamPort would like to see industry partners current solutions for automating (without human engagement) smart malware mitigation, deobfuscation, decryption, and unpacking of malware to expedite the process of tagging, differentiating, and storing binaries.

In order to facilitate a short 90-day timeline, DreamPort will host a Reverse Engineering Showcase at our Columbia facility (7000 Columbia Gateway Drive, Suite 150, Columbia, MD). The goal is for interested organizations to bring product spec sheets, informative white papers, marketing materials, and at least one knowledgeable technical resource to interact with the working group. DreamPort will provide table, power, and Internet to support you in one of our large rooms in a typical tech show environment. In addition, we will have breakout rooms available for one-on-one discussions. If you have a technology, process, or idea how you or your company can help please register to be at our showcase.


Setup: 7 - 9am
Statement of Problems: 9 - 10am
Showcase: 10am - 3pm. Government employees will visit you to discuss your solutions to the problem(s)