Tech Talk Series: Network Packet Capture & Security Analytics


Tech Talk Series: Network Packet Capture & Security Analytics

Date: August 11, 2020 | 1 - 2pm | Location: Virtual


Forensic Analysts working in security or network operations find that many times they have insufficient data to get to root cause. Information available such as log and event data is often insufficient, traffic flows are abstracted too much, and packet captures are incomplete or taken after the event has passed. Furthermore, with traffic rates predicted to double this year in core networks, the security & network monitoring infrastructure is already stretched to its limit and challenged to keep up with the rise in data volume, resulting in more incomplete data.

Axellio will discuss their technology for capturing and retaining network packets at line rate with zero packet loss at aggregate speeds up to 100Gbps. This solution is combination of specialized hardware utilizing COTS components and software developed to store the PCAP files for use by on-board or external sensors (i.e., Security Onion).

All this is accomplished in a 3 U form factor which can store up to 725TBs of PCAP files today. In many cases, this solution can eliminate the need for multiple appliances to capture and analyze the data. Tools to integrate into a SIEM and to request PCAP files based on indexing and very high speeds which allow for faster investigations are included.

The agenda will include:

  • A brief overview of Axellio’s company history and areas of expertise.
  • The problems Axellio’s technology solves
  • FabricXpress Technical Review
  • Introduction to PacketXpress (Packet capture and distribution platform)
  • Security Use Case Discussion
  • Summary
About Darrell Covell
Darrell Covell

Mr. Covell is a Senior Advisor for Cybersecurity and Intelligence for Axellio, Inc. He possesses a BS in Electrical Engineering and started his career at Northrop Grumman developing Radar Jamming technologies for the F-111. Mr. Covell began exploring the field of cyber security in the wake of September 11, 2001. While tackling challenges in cyber security with the most innovative deployable solutions available, Mr. Covell has been regarded as an expert in this field and been selected for public engagements such as speaking at Defense Daily's Cyber Security Summit 2010 and as an information security panel expert for an article in The Washington Post: Media Planet Information Security (as well as a special panel member for the FBI future threats event regarding risks and responsibilities of cyber offensive) June 2009. In addition to being a member of these panels, Darrell was an award winner at the 2010 American Security Challenge.

During his career, Darrell has founded seven successful technology companies, the most recent company which he sold, was RSignia, Inc. He is a patented inventor a several advanced technologies across electronic warfare, radar, sonar, counter-terrorism intelligence, SIGINT, ELINT, signal processing, high performance computing, virtualization, and image feature extraction.

Since selling RSignia in November of 2019, Mr. Covell has joined Axellio to help the company with product development for Advanced Cyber Security solutions, specifically around very high-performance applications with very large data requirements.

Darrell is also a partner in with GHN24, Inc., a firm that develops Mobile Apps for Active Duty and Veterans to aid with PTS and TBI.