Tech Talk Series: The Case for Quantum, by Tony Lawrence, CEO of VOR Technology


Tech Talk Series: The Case for Quantum, by Tony Lawrence, CEO of VOR Technology

Date: January 22, 2019 | 3 - 4:30pm | Location: DreamPort Facility in Columbia MD


State-of-the-Art cybersecurity is enough to safeguard our Internet treasure against most threats, but not against all threats. Well-resourced nation states are able to defeat many of what we consider the 'best' defenses. Even most cybersecurity experts concede that we need to operate under the assumption that "the bad guy will get in". HOW is THAT OK? It isn't! Many of our adversaries – particularly the Chinese – are exploiting us on a daily basis – and it is time to bring it to an end. There is one way to do that, and it is NOT tomorrow's technology. We need to make Quantum Communications a reality for U.S. Cybersecurity – TODAY.

Tony Lawrence

About Tony Lawrence

Tony Lawrence is the CEO of VOR Technology, a leading small business firm in Maryland, specializing in government contracting services. The mission of VOR is to serve as a catalyst to bolster national security by optimizing the way in which our intelligence community views and dominates cyberspace.

Tony, a service disabled Army veteran, grew from humble beginnings to becoming a cyber operator, and ultimately, the corporate briefer for the National Security Agency under General Keith Alexander. In that capacity, Tony briefed foreign dignitaries, US Flag Officers, Congressmen and Cabinet members. You may have recently heard Tony speak at CyberMaryland in Baltimore or at ITEN Wired in Pensacola. Tony has also been a featured guest on the Executive Leaders radio program.