The Minnow Webinar


The Minnow Webinar

Date: June 10, 2020 | 1 - 2pm | Location: Virtual

Introducing The Minnow  


Minnow is just one of the small but powerful sensors that our team at MISI is using to assist small and medium sized manufacturers with cybersecurity situational awareness and compliance. 

Minnow is deployed all over the US helping small and medium sized manufacturers get a handle on cyber and their IT and OT network environments.  This virtual seminar will provide information on how Minnow scans OT and IT networks for vulnerabilities, maps the network to create an asset inventory and much more.  The seminar will focus on lessons learned from deployments of the Minnow in diverse manufacturing settings.  Industrial control environments are different than pure IT environments. Compliance with DFARS, NIST and CMMC requires continuous cyber situational awareness in order to address policy compliance. 

Minnow and the team behind its capabilities are constantly listening to the user base and the product roadmap for Minnow is informed by customer insights.