Meet the Team

Meet the DreamPort team, a perfect blend of business acumen, subject matter expertise, and technical wizardry.

Karl Gumtow
Karl Gumtow
Executive Director

Karl has been actively involved in the local Ft. Meade cyber operational community for over 25 years in leadership positions, and has developed extensive relations throughout the community, industry and Government.

kgumtow at misi dot tech
Armando Seay
Armando Seay
DreamPort Director

Armando is an experienced CISO/FSO and DoD-cleared executive with years of IT, Program Management and business strategy experience. He is currently leading the charge in the development of a cyber security services and solutions vertical market.

aseay at misi dot tech
Jim Rylander
Jim Rylander
Operations Director

Jim has SME in dealing with international partners, and in particular with maintaining compliance with the ITAR and relevant State Department export regulations regarding technology and technology transfer.

jrylander at misi dot tech
Adele Merritt
Dr. Adele Merritt
Program Manager

Adele has 20 years of experience blending technical, analytic, and policymaking expertise. She was a senior executive in government and a National Security Fellow at Harvard.

ajmerritt at misi dot tech