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USC Kicks Off 50-State Election Cybersecurity Trainings on Jan. 28 in Maryland

Newswise – The University of Southern California on Tuesday will kick off its nonpartisan, independent, 50-state election cybersecurity training initiative in Maryland. The initiative will feature daylong workshops in each state, designed to train state and local election and campaign officials how best to fortify against digital attacks. Participants will also learn best practices to protect against misinformation and disinformation and crisis communication strategies.

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How the MISI DreamPort Team Accelerates the Path towards CMMC Compliance for DoD Small Businesses

The MISI DreamPort team has been testing and evaluating solutions that cater to small and medium-sized businesses but also very specific solutions that meet the unique compliance challenges of small and medium-sized manufacturing Defense Industrial Based (DIB) companies.


New Draft of CMMC Available

You can now request the draft of the new (v0.6). Draft Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) v0.6 is now available, and includes several changes to the standard. The Office of the Under Secretary of Defense released the draft on November 8th to allow industry a look at what it can expect when the final CMMC revision is published.

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Fort Meade: Military hacking convention doubled in attendance in one year

The sky is the limit for AvengerCon.

After attracting about 330 people to McGill Training Center last year, the event doubled in size and moved to DreamPort, a tech and cyber collaboration facility in Columbia on Oct. 17 and 18…

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AvengerCon IV

October 18, 2019 — The first AvengerCon was started in 2016 by members of A Company (nicknamed "the Avengers") of 781st Military Intelligence Battalion to provide a venue for hackers in the formation to come together and share interesting ideas in a day of thought-provoking presentations.…


Mrs. Katherine G. Johnson to be honored at Maryland Innovation & Security Institute's IMAGINE Event

October 16, 2019 — The Directors of the Maryland Innovation & Security Institute (MISI) and DreamPort, IMAGINE event Chair Reggie Van Lee, Chief Transformation Officer The Carlyle Group and the Host Committee are pleased to announce that NASA legend, Mrs. Katherine G. Johnson and her daughters have graciously accepted our honoring her at our inaugural IMAGINE bespoke salon dinner highlighting women in STEM.…

Katherine G. Johnson


DISA Call for White Papers!

October 14, 2019 — Technologies, and technology-based companies, advance so rapidly that the Department of Defense is finding it difficult to contractually engage, collaborate, and do business with high-tech companies. In an effort to make this process easier, DISA will periodically post Requests for White Papers inviting companies leading innovation to submit their solutions to the Agency's capability gaps, problem statements, or areas of interest.

Identity, Credential, and Access Management (ICAM)

Due Date: November 5, 2019 no later than 2 PM (CST)
Project Number: DISA-OTA-20-R-ICAM

This request for White Paper (RWP) is being issued to conduct research, development, and testing activities associated with Identity, Credential, and Access Management (ICAM) activities. This request meets the statutory requirements of Other Transaction Authority (OTA) (10 U.S.C. §2371) for the development and deployment of a DoD Enterprise Identity Service that will create a single user record, consolidating all pertinent data associated with the individual under one account, and automatically deleting such accounts when they are no longer required. The objective will be to establish a federated identity service for DISA, its mission partners, non-CAC holders (such as authorized guests and visitors), and non-person entities that mitigates current inefficiencies, facilitates strong authentication to current state-of-the-art cloud services, provide authorization services with role-base access, and enables audit of users and resources; using non-traditional defense contractor solutions per 10 USC §2302(9), which defines a non-traditional defense contractor as "an entity that is not currently performing and has not performed, for at least one year preceding the solicitation of sources by the DoD for the procurement or transaction, any contract or subcontract for the DoD that is subject to full coverage under the cost accounting standards prescribed pursuant to 41 USC §1502 and the regulations implementing such section."

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DreamPort a place for cyber collaboration between government, industry

August 29, 2019 — Columbia's DreamPort, opened last year, has developed as a place for the cyber industry to work collaboratively with the government to address pressing cybersecurity issues. The 17,500 square-foot facility is nonclassified, cutting out a lot of the red tape that could potentially get in the way of the private sector helping to develop cyber solutions with…

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CISA, DOD Weigh in on Protecting the Nation's Most Critical Infrastructure

August 16, 2019 — Federal agencies are taking cues from industry for some of their most pressing cybersecurity challenges.

One challenge for the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency's National Risk Management Center includes the threat model that has shifted in the past few years.

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DISA Call for White Papers!

August 1, 2019 — Technologies, and technology-based companies, advance so rapidly that the Department of Defense is finding it difficult to contractually engage, collaborate, and do business with high-tech companies. In an effort to make this process easier, DISA will periodically post Requests for White Papers inviting companies leading innovation to submit their solutions to the Agency's capability gaps, problem statements, or areas of interest.

Mobility Enablement Prototype

Due Date: August 12, 2019 by 9:00 AM CST
Project Number: DISA-OTA-19-R-MEO

This request for White Paper (RWP) is being issued to seek vendors capable of fulfilling the technical objectives outlined below related to Mobility Enablement in order to conduct research, development, and testing activities to stand up an environment capable of supporting the development of secure mobile applications (apps) and streamline the security approval process to properly vet the apps for use on Department of Defense (DoD) mobile devices.

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USCYBERCOM Small Business Industry Day Slides Now Available

Request to download the USCYBERCOM Small Business Industry Day Slides from the July 16, 2019 event.

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Georgia economic leaders paid a visit to Maryland cyber centers

February 21, 2019 — Building on a big presence from the federal government's cybersecurity force, a state is looking to expand commercial research and training activities that can become a force in the region.

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Defense Industrial Base Outreach

Call of Automated Cybersecurity Posture Determination

Information Session: June 28, 2019 at 1:30pm
Responses Due: July 19, 2019
Prize: $25,000
Send Questions to: contact at misi dot tech

Companies should also fill out the NIST-SP-800-171_800-53_Mapping v1 matrix and email it to contact at misi dot tech – This is a matrix that we recommend each potential vendor complete to demonstrate their capability maps to all policy and technical controls.

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DISA Call for White Papers!

Quantum-Resistance Cryptography Prototype

Due Date: June 14, 2019 by 9:00 AM CST
Project Number: DISA-OTA19-R-Quantum

The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), Emerging Technology (EM) Directorate through the DISA Procurement Services Directorate (PSD) is seeking information from Industry to evaluate the use of quantum-safe algorithms and cryptographic solutions that can defend Department of Defense (DoD) Information Technology (IT) infrastructure from malicious cyber activities.

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Call for Interns!

April 30, 2019 — DreamPort continues to grow and flourish, we are on the look out for some helping hands! If you are a student living in the Columbia area (or don't mind driving there), and have a love of (more like an obsession with) technology and innovation, this might just be your dream internship!

We are offering a 4-week internship to energetic, hard-charging students. We seek qualified rising High School Juniors to come out to DreamPort and learn what it might be like to work in the IT/cybersecurity field, but all applications will be reviewed.

CAPT Ed Devinney, USN Donates Flag and Plaque to MISI at DreamPort

March 27, 2019 — Captain Ed Devinney, USN, generously presented a flag from the USS COLE and commemorative plaque to Karl Gumtow and the Maryland Innovation & Security Institute's DreamPort Facility on March 27th, 2019.

CAPT Ed Devinney, USN Donates Flag and Plaque to MISI at DreamPort


DreamPort Hosts CEO Networking Event Sponsored by COPT

March 19, 2019 — DreamPort hosted a CEO Networking Event sponsored by COPT to provide the tech CEOs from the area information on MISI and the Dreamport mission. COPT invited many of their customers. Captain Ed Divinney made remarks on the concept behind Dreamport and the rapid pace of activity since its opening in December 2018.

DreamPort Hosts CEO Networking Event Sponsored by COPT

General Nakasone visits DreamPort

March 13, 2019 — General Paul M. Nakasone, Commander, U.S. Cyber Command and Director, National Security Agency/Chief, Central Security Service visited the DreamPort facility for a briefing.

General Paul M. Nakasone visits DreamPort

New DreamPort center bringing small business cyber help to federal sector

November 2, 2018 — U.S. Cyber Command tracks and confronts some of the most dire cybersecurity threats facing our country. But it needs a little help sometimes, so there is a new facility in Maryland dedicated to seeking private industry input on government cyber problems.

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An innovative partnership could help Cyber Command fight malware

October 26, 2018 — A new public-private partnership recently concluded its first hackathon-type rapid prototype event to help discover new techniques or tools that can be applied to problems or challenges facing U.S. Cyber Command.

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Cyber Command partners for a cyber prototyping environment

September 7, 2018 — U.S. Cyber Command is standing up a cyber version of SOFWERX, the public-private partnership run through Special Operations Command to foster greater innovation for rapid solutions.

DreamPort, run by the Maryland Innovation and Security Institute through a partnership intermediary agreement with Cyber Command, is described as a state-of-the-art facility where companies can bring in their capabilities to be worked on.

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Cybersecurity Innovator Selects COPT's Columbia Gateway for Headquarters Location

COLUMBIA, Md.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Corporate Office Properties Trust ("COPT" or the "Company") (NYSE: OFC) has executed an 18,000 square foot lease with The Maryland Innovation and Security Institute ("MISI") in the Columbia Gateway Business & Innovation Center in Columbia, Maryland.

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Columbia innovation center will work with Cyber Command on new technology

June 19, 2018 — A Baltimore-based nonprofit is working with U.S. Cyber Command to bring business, government and academic leaders together to work on new technology.

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USCYBERCOM Awards Cyber Innovation Contract to MISI

Baltimore, MD, June 12, 2018 — The Maryland Innovation and Security Institute (MISI) has been awarded a five-year Partnership Intermediary Agreement (PIA) by United States Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM) to innovate new technologies in an unclassified, state-of-the-art facility located in Columbia, MD.

As part of the PIA, MISI will engage small businesses, entrepreneurs, academia, traditional businesses and others to build an innovation, collaboration, and prototyping facility called DreamPort. This facility will foster collaboration and prototyping in highly configurable laboratories, co-working spaces, project rooms, and conference facilities. Once established, the DreamPort will host collaborative, technical interchange meetings, monthly rapid prototyping events, and provide daily access to their cutting-edge facilities. The DreamPort will also host two STEM events annually to inspire future cyber warriors and defenders.

MISI will also assemble a network of cyber organizations and professionals referred to as the Partnership Network, and deliver an information portal, DreamFinder. The synergism of the DreamPort, Partnership Network, and DreamFinder will accelerate the delivery of innovative solutions to USCYBERCOM.

"We are honored to establish and operate this USCYBERCOM innovation facility," said Karl Gumtow, the MISI Director, "I am most excited about accessing the innovative solutions created when small businesses and academia are engaged, even though these are not normally used in US Government solutions. The community doesn't have to wait until the physical facility is completed to engage. They can go to our website and sign-up to learn more about the DreamPort as well as register to be a cyber-subject matter expert for upcoming collaboration and prototyping events."

MISI's startup partners include several community innovators such as SINET, FBC, CyberPoint, the Johns Hopkins University, University System of Maryland, and the George Washington University.

Learn more about the DreamPort at or contact Karl Gumtow at

About the Maryland Innovation & Security Institute

MISI is a non-profit formed exclusively to further and promote charitable, educational, and scientific purposes including, but not limited to, furthering innovation in cybersecurity through education, global technology partnerships, investment, and community engagement to create a collaborative network of subject matter experts and cyber professionals. To learn more, visit

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